Our Town

            The name of our town is Čáslav.  Over 10 000 inhabitants live there. Čáslav is situated in central Bohemia. It si about 80 km far from Prague.


            The history of Čáslav begins after year 800 by founding  the citadel and a settlement called Hrádek. The New town was founded by the Czech king Přemysl Otakar II. in 1250. During Thirty Years´  War, in 1639 and 1642, Čáslav was devastated and burnt down by Swedish troops.

            In the middle of this town, there is a historical square with the gothic church of St. Peter and Paul. It was built in the 13 th century. In the 15 th century Bohemian parlament debated in this church. In 1910 remains of famous Hussite general Jan Žižka from Trocnov were discovered there.

             The monument of this famous commander Jan Žižka is situated in the town park. This monument was made by Myslbek.



 The baroque town hall is from the 18 th century. In the town hall, there is the Žižka hall on the first floor. We can see the remains of Jan Žižka there.  Jan Žižka was a leader of fighters during the Husite wars.


  Near the town hall, there is an inquiry office.


              There are three basic schools and five secondary schools in this town. Our basic school is in Masaryk Street. The Grammar School is situated near our school. Moreover, the Secondary School of Agriculture, the Secondary School of Engineering, the Aprentice centres of Agiculture and Traffic are in our town.

               We can visit these cultural institutions – Dusík theatre, Forman cinema and the museum.

                In our town, there are an excellent  sports facilities. On the outskirts of  the town, a big sports park is situated. It is called Vodranty. Many people spend their free time there. People often go for walks there because the park is large. They also can play tennis, football and floorball there. They can swim in the swimming pool. In the last decade, the swimming pool was rebuilt. In sport park, there is an athletics stadium with modern running tracks. At the athletics stadium Jarmila Kratochvílová, the Olympic champion, has trained.

                There are other interesting places near the town Čáslav. The most famous si Kutná Hora with many old buildings. Among the most important buildings in the area there are the St. Barbara´s Cathedral, the Stone House, the Church of St. James, the Jesuit College, Italian Court and Marian Column… These sights belong to the UNESCO World Heritage.

          Near Čáslav there is a village Žleby. It is well known for the baroque – romantic castle, called Zámek Žleby. This castle is often a target of sight-  seeing. Castle park has a plenty of wild animals.

          About 15 km to the east of Čáslav, the ruins of the Lichnice Castle are located. They lie on the edge of the Iron Mountains. These mountains are about 1 000 metres above the sea level.

          Another interesting place is a deer park. This park is located about 15 km to the east of Kutná Hora. It is a natural reserve located close to village Žehušice.


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