Events and Actions

We are involved in the project of Ministry of Education and the European Union

The result of the EU Project Money to Scholls is, under the Operational Program for Education and competitiveness, establishment of conditions for education in primary scholls. The purpose is to promote developement areas that show long-term problem such as literacy. Our scholl is involved in this project and it draws over two million crowns. These means go to scholl facilities such as interactive whiteboards, data projectors, tutorials, computer technology, textbooks and teaching aids. Teachers have to fulfill outputs which means to create 1. 500 pieces of innovative teaching materials and participation in educational events.  More about the project on the Web:



English Speaking Countries

Pupils in the eighth class under the leadership of teacher Mrs Stočesová did a project "English Speaking Countries". First, they collected materials from textbooks and encyclopedias. They looked up pieces of information on the Internet. If it was necessary, they used dictionaries. Second, they made short texts that they revised in cooperation with their teacher. After that they started making posters. They painted pictures, cut out and glued pictures on the poster. Next to each picture they wrote a short text connected with English speaking countries. Everyone of them would like to see these countries one day. Some of them will have this opportunity in May this year. They are going to London, Oxford and Windsor.


On 31 October pupils in the 5 class worked on the project Halloween. They got to know new information about this holiday, that is celebrated in English speaking countries. They also cut out and glued pictures, wrote poems and stories connected with this feast. Halloween is associated with ghosts and monsters so children made a scary masks. They enjoyed carving heads of pumpins out most of all.